Food programme

DSC_1015A donation of seeds from a UK school encouraged the teachers and pupils to set up a small vegetable patch, allowing the children to learn all about subsistence farming. This has since expanded, and with the help of volunteers and some of the parents, the school now boasts a large flourishing vegetable garden, just beyond the school grounds. With a great deal of hard work, along with a few challenges such as monkeys and an intermittent water supply, the school has managed to maintain a successful garden. Harvests so far include maize, tomatoes, peppers and aubergines.



March 2013Most of the children arrive at school on an empty stomach, many having walked for several miles, often in blazing sunshine or pouring rain. The introduction of a food programme now gives even more of an incentive to attend the school. Parents have established a cooking rota and, with help from our supporters, we have provided a purpose built kitchen and eating area where the children enjoy a hot, nutritious meal. Depending on the season this is often supplemented by vegetables from their own school garden. Any left over vegetables are sold either to local businesses or teachers, bringing a small income in to further develop the project.



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