Siankaba Scholarship programme

Government schooling in Zambia is free from grades 1 – 7, although families do have to cover the costs of uniform, books and shoes, and are often expected to pay a contribution to the school. From grade 8 students pay a set fee for schooling, far beyond the means of most families living in rural Zambia. By the time most girls reach grade 9 (age 16) they are usually expected to stay at home and look after the family, or are already married off, dropping out of education.

The U Foundation has introduced a scholarship programme for those students who earn a place in higher education yet cannot afford the fees.  By supporting these youngsters through these precious years, we are giving them the best possible opportunity of a brighter future.


Pentico (pictured in the white blouse, 2nd row from front) was one of the first pupils at the original pre-school back in 2006. Since then Pentico has  been through the government education system and has just completed grade 7. Pentico is now 14 and lives 12 km away with her grandparents and their 10 other grandchildren. Having excelled in her studies, Pentico has been offered a place in grade 8 at a boarding school 30 km away. The U Foundation is very pleased to be able to support Pentico through the next few years, allowing her to complete her education at high school. We wish her all the best and every success for the coming years.



David Muntanga

For the past two years David Muntanga has been studying nursing and midwifery at Monze Mission Hospital in Zambia. David, originally from Siankaba, approached The U Foundation for sponsorship. He showed determination and a real desire to do something positive with his life, something we are certain that he will achieve. We wish David all the best as he continues with his nursing studies.






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