Community Workshops


Adult literacy

Adult literacy – with almost a third of Zambia’s population being illiterate, there is a desperate need to improve this statistic. One local lady in Siankaba has taken the initiative to offer literacy lessons, using the nursery school building when it’s not in use. Many of those who attend are parents wishing to learn to read and write in order to get more involved in their children’s education.





DSCN1975Youth friendly health corner – The Siankaba teachers have set up a youth friendly health corner, offering young adults the opportunity to learn more about healthy living and sex education. There continues to be a stigma associated with HIV and AIDS, prevalent in this area. Numbers affected continue to rise, so it is therefore hoped that this might be one way of preventing such diseases being spread.





ICT 2ICT – The Zambian curriculum now requires Information and Communications Technology to be taught in school. Unfortunately, most rural schools do not have basic resources such as books, let alone computer equipment or electricity to be able to teach this subject. Nursery school teacher Malindi has however, started to offer ICT lessons to the older pupils from nearby Mandia school, giving students a much greater chance of passing their exams.



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