Scholarship Programme




The U Foundation has introduced a scholarship programme for those students who earn a place in higher education, yet cannot afford the fees. By providing support through these precious years, we are giving them the best possible opportunity for a brighter future.

Blessings is a former pupil of the Siankaba Community Trust School, starting her journey at 3 years old in the pre-school. She then continued her education at the local government school, performing so well that she qualified for a place at a boarding school. Like many other families, Blessing’s mother was unable to afford the fees so The U Foundation stepped in to offer financial support. Blessings is currently in Grade 10 and, after finishing her high school education, hopes to further her studies in the medical field.

David Muntanga, originally from Siankaba, approached The U Foundation for sponsorship. He showed determination and a real desire to do something positive with his life. David studied nursing and midwifery at Monze Mission Hospital in Zambia from where he successfully graduated. He is now working as a midwife for the Zambian Ministry of Health.

Abiah is the youngest child of subsistence farmers, his parents sold all their livestock to pay his school fees. The U Foundation accepted Abiah onto its Scholarship Programme, supporting him through university. He is now a qualified English and Religious Studies teacher, working in the capital city, Lusaka. Abiah hopes, one day, to move back to his rural home to teach children in his own community.

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