Siankaba Sponsor a child

Sponsoring a child is a great way of helping them to improve their education and progress in life, in what is a harsh environment. The education gained will enable these children to pass on their knowledge and to help and inspire others as well.

These pictures are just a handful of the children who will benefit from sponsorship and, whilst you may not be able to select a particular child to sponsor, we would ensure that you are kept informed of who they are and the progress that they make.





Mathews Masumba


Mathews is 7 years old and has been attending Siankaba Community Trust School since 2014. He lives with his mum, grandmother and younger brother in Mashandi village, which is about 4km from the school. The family keep some chickens to provide eggs, and Mathews says that he likes to play with his pet dog too. At school, he most enjoys playing on the swings and playing football with his friends.




Ruth Mende



Ruth is 8 years old and she started at Siankaba Community Trust School in 2014. She is an orphan, who lives with her grandparents and younger sister in Mandia village, which is about 4km away from the school. Ruth says that she likes to help her grandmother to wash plates and fetch water from the hand pump. Her grandparents keep some chickens in the village, and Ruth says that she often helps to feed these too. At school, Ruth most enjoys colouring in and in the future, she would like to be a teacher.





Namwaka Mushi


Namwaka is 8 years old and has been attending Siankaba Community Trust School since 2014. She lives with her mum, dad and two elder sisters in Mashandi village, about 1 hour’s walk. At home, Namwaka enjoys playing with her dolls or helping out with the goats, and at school she likes to play on the swings. In the future, Namwaka would like to be a doctor.






It costs just £20 a month to support a child at the Siankaba Community Trust School. If you feel that you could offer some assistance to one of these children then  please complete this sponsor-a-child form.

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