Water provision

IMG_0831Clean, safe water is something that most of us take for granted. But for those people living in mud huts in Zambia’s most remote villages, access to clean water is not always possible.¬†Almost half of the population in Zambia live without proper sanitation, leading to diseases such as diarrhoea, cholera and dysentery.

For villagers living in places such as Siankaba it is so much easier to head to the river where water is in great supply. But there is another major drawback. This is the River Zambezi, home to some of the countries deadliest animals, particularly the crocodile – known to take human life in this area.

When the Siankaba Nursery School was built, one main priority was to supply running water and provide flushing toilets. We achieved this, which now means that the children not only have access to clean water but they also learn about and practice personal hygiene.

We have also provided the 1562community with a borehole and hand pump, giving the villagers a fresh water supply for their own use, reducing the distance they have to walk each day to collect water.

With the help of our supporters we hope to do more by investing further in supplying clean water. We hope to be able to provide more boreholes in the area, helping to reduce disease but also encouraging more villagers to become subsistence farmers year round.










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