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Our Work

We live in a world that, whilst it’s full of opportunities, so many of our neighbours are born into a life of poverty and hardship. It is a world full of inequalities, where developing nations have to contend with a distinct lack of food, water and shelter, and an overwhelming fight against hunger, drought and disease.

Siankaba, Zambia

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Siankaba is a rural village located 25 miles from Livingstone, in the Southern Province of Zambia. 

Providing food, education and fighting disease

They do not have the luxuries of electricity, running water or proper sanitation. Like every Zambian village, disease and HIV/AIDS are a huge problem, leading to a large number of unnecessary early deaths, life expectancy being noticeably shorter than in the western world. This creates bigger challenges for families who often find themselves having to step in and care for nieces, nephews and grandchildren. Most are subsistence farmers, growing barely enough food to support their extended families, let alone make a living.

In 2006 a make shift pre-school, supported by The U Foundation, was set up, housed in a simple mud hut building that belonged to a nearby church. The U Foundation, working alongside the Siankaba Community Trust, has raised enough funds to build a nursery school, fully stocked with toys and books, equipped with solar power and running water. The school can accommodate 60 children between the ages of 3 and 6

Many of these children walk several miles to school, often starting the day with little food or water. The school has introduced a food programme and organises regular outreach clinics to support the development of each child.

The U Foundation is introducing a ‘Sponsor a Child‘ programme, allowing individuals to cover the basic costs of  sending a child to school. Support doesn’t stop there, as we offer assistance through a Scholarship Programme, to those students or members of the community who wish to further their education.

Outside of school hours Community Workshops allow the wider community to benefit from the modern school buildings.

Future plans

The charity has now committed to expand the school to form the Siankaba Community Trust School, which will provide primary education up to grade 7.

In addition, we are committed to provide access to safe, clean water for the whole community. The village of Siankaba lies on the banks of the Zambezi river, where water collection has been known to come at a cost. Crocodile attacks are not uncommon and could be reduced with a safer means of better  Water provision.


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